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Photographer Michele Cooke, resides on the coastals of Florida. Michele is a former freelancer photographer with The Record and Landmark Newspaper.. Michele also supports The Performing Arts, Purple Heart Homes and the local Chamber of Commerce with photography.

 A native of New England that grew up in the Pioneer Valley, Michele's passion for taking pictures began at a young age influenced by National Geographic and leading B&W photographer Ansel Adams. Art teacher Bob Coy was a major influence through high school. Visions behind the lens continued to grow while working at a photography lab in Western MA printing, color correcting and dark room imagery. After having children, Michele returned to photography on a more serious note while being a flight attendant. 

Michele is well known by her signature photo's capturing nature, sunsets and landscapes. Michele is recognized for her Carolina Balloon Fest photography including photo's featured on the Chamber of Commerce 2011 & 2012 volunteer invitations. Her Balloon photographs are also featured in an upcoming documentary. She has a magical ability to interact with wildlife including birds and raptors. Michele's technique includes photographing outdoors with floral, pets, weddings, portraits, properties, Historic sights, and festivals with natural lighting. Michele offers studio portraits by appointment. Michele teaches photography classes locally to all ages from adults to Girl Scouts. Her work can be found at local studios, artcrawls, exhibits and libraries. Her passion is to bring to life, places or encounters others may never experience. Be sure to check out Michele's New inspirational memoir book, panorama's, calendars and notecards as well as her photo's. Images are now available on Canvas in various sizes as well as downloads & prints. All prints are prepared digitally and personally signed. If you would like your image matted or framed, please contact Michele at shelbdigb62@gmail.com or 704-281-4069 for any and all inquires. You can also follow Michele's Images on facebook, instagram, and blogs at MichelesImagesandblogs.com, Blogs include amazing encounters and matching photographs. Youtube videos and other links are listed on this website. Michele's new memoir book Darkness to Dawning, has been released on Barnes and Noble. Darkness to Dawning is an inspiring testimony and journey of a middle aged woman fighting to start her life over. She struggles to find her sense of belonging in today's world. Join her on a seven year path that leads her through unbearable grieving, unemployment, divorce, and betrayal. Michele's non-fiction memoir challenges her faith while inspiring others to never give up. Go directly to https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/darkness-to-dawning-michele-cooke/1136722421?ean=9781078789936  


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